A Transformative Princeton, NJ Area Sales And Profit Acceleration Peer Group

Up To 20 Top Executives Helping To Improve Your Business

Winning CEO is a group of up to 20 top executives from non-competing companies who meet monthly in the greater Princeton, New Jersey area. We learn valuable new skills, share ideas, serve as a sounding board and problem-solve for each other. Everyone wins.

Unlike other peer groups, our focus is on hard-hitting, tangible, action-oriented information we can use right now to improve our business and life.

Transform Your Business And Life In 14 Ways

Forbes Magazine Says:

"How does a mastermind work? A group of smart people meet weekly, monthly, even daily if it makes sense, to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It's very much peer-to-peer mentoring and if you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business."

This Princeton Area Group Is Ideal For Top Executives Looking For New And Better Ways To...

Meeting Format (format is dynamic and always based on the group's interests)

  • A learning session from a guest speaker or your Chairman on a topic listed on this page
  • A presentation session where any group member(s) may present a specific situation to the group for advice (business plan, comp. plan, strategy, etc.)
  • An open forum session where any/all members may get advice on their most critical current issues

General Criteria For Joining (exceptions may be made)

  • You should be a C-level executive, President, General Manager, Managing Director or Partner or Business Owner
  • Company annual revenues should be between approximately $1 million to $80 million
  • Requires only 4 hours per month on a weekday (we meet longer if the group wants to)
  • Meetings are held once per month in the greater Princeton, New Jersey area
  • Cost is a fraction of the cost of a single sales rep (includes all the FREE BONUSES below totaling over $30,000 in actual fees)

Your Host And How To Inquire

Your group Chairman is Gordon Filepas, CEO of TGM Partners LLC.  Gordon is a business turnaround and sales growth expert and has been advising CEOs since 1986. He has worked closely with the senior and C-level executives of over 60 Fortune 1000 companies over the past 34+ years across many strategic and organizational areas (see here for a list of companies and expertise). He has also grown three start-ups, sold his share in his last one and is starting two more. Gordon historically has closed 8 out of every 10 proposals compared to the national average of only 2 out of 10.  He teaches how to do it in a Free Bonus below.  Learn more about Gordon here.


Even though this is already an extremely low-risk, high-reward investment, Gordon wants to do even better. That's why he is also providing these extremely valuable free bonuses to members:

  1. Priceless:  He will provide free training and group coaching, when appropriate, in numerous areas listed on this page. This will reduce your spending on consultants and teach you techniques to transform your company yourself.
  2. $4,850. Each member receives one free membership to TGM's new and revolutionary Smart Sales Academy Behavior Pattern Selling program, which currently retails for $4,850 per person. This selling approach has provided Gordon with a 75% close rate over 34 years and is believed by him to be the absolute most effective selling approach available today.
  3. $25,000. What good is becoming wealthier if your health and wellness are suffering? Each member will be taught information inside TGM's new CEO Health Coaching program. This retails for $25,000.  The goal is to teach you how to effortlessly become and remain  lean, healthy and long-lived through Gordon's extensive health research over the past 25 years, which includes information from his best-selling book Lean And Healthy To 100.


This group is limited to 20 members. Please complete the form above or email Gordon's assistant at sj@tgmpartners.com for questions or to arrange a qualification interview with Gordon.