Partial Listing Of Results

This is the best idea I’ve ever heard of to improve my overall company.

COO, Black & Decker

The information your program uncovered, in just a few weeks, would have taken us years to uncover through traditional methods.

Exec. VP, Minolta Corporation

This is the best strategic and actionable information we’ve ever received, even from studies costing 20 times more.

President, Lenox

Your program gave us a crystal clear roadmap for improvement.

CEO, Spencer Gifts

Your program identified some serious holes in our cheese and we didn’t even know we had any cheese!

Exec VP, Kraft Foods

Your program has given everyone, including me, a lot to look forward to and a renewed sense of excitement.

President, Congoleum

It would seem that a few of these ideas should be worth many millions to us. They rest will hone our company into a truly well-oiled, efficient machine. Thank you.

CEO, Schering Pharma

The last thing any VP Sales wants is to be blind-sided by unknown issues in their field organization. Your program gave me a lot of confidence that won’t happen now.

VP Sales, Johnson & Johnson

I used to tell my boss “I know all the answers I need already exist in my field organization, I just don’t know how to get at them effectively.” Your program completely solved that problem for me.

VP Sales, Dupont

Prior to working with TGM Partners, we had been marketing our unique product using the same old tools and the same old research.  We had the product, but not the real information on what our customers were interested in.  Standard market research techniques turned up nothing new, and even hiring an ad agency brought no originality or new sales and marketing approaches.  After TGM used their unique approach to really understand our customers...we are now on a path towards real success in a reasonable time frame.  I wish we had found TGM a year earlier.

CEO, Essential Pharma