mPOWR – A Rapid Organizational "Body Scan" That Eliminates Barriers To Success

If you're a fan of the hit television show Undercover Boss where real CEOs disguise themselves as new employees and then work alongside regular employees to learn what's really happening inside their company, you're going to love mPOWR.

Regardless of how good the CEO is, he or she is shocked to finally learn the critical information that is not reaching their level. They quickly realize the quality of their decisions is based only on the information they know about. And, they realize much of the information they DO need to know about is not reaching their level for a variety of reasons.

Invented by us over 30 years ago and used by many well-known companies, mPOWR quickly brings this missing information directly to the CEO - often in less than one week.

Even if you have 100,000 employees spread across the world you can learn, in just one week or less, the issues, challenges, bottlenecks and problems (and their solutions) that are reducing growth, profitability, efficiency, innovation, morale and productivity in any department, region, division or subsidiary anywhere in the world.

For example, let's say you wish to identify and eliminate any barriers to the success of your sales organization.  Or, you can't seem to pinpoint why your organization's lead generation and marketing efforts are not generating better results? Not a problem - have the information you need in just one week or less.

The result? Greater sales, growth and profitability with much less work and in record time.

Curious to learn what's happening in your organization that's not reaching your level? Test mPOWR for free.