mPOWR – An Organizational "Body Scan" For Optimal Sales, Profitability, Productivity

You'll be in great company after using mPOWR...IBM, Minolta, Schering Plough, Lenox China, Spencer Gifts, Congoleum and many others...

If you're a fan of the hit television show Undercover Boss, you know the CEOs are always shocked to learn what's really happening inside their companies that has not been brought to their attention.

These CEOs quickly realize the quality of their decisions is based solely on the information they know about. And, they realize much of the information they DO need to know about is not reaching their level for a variety of reasons.

mPOWR, invented by us over 30 years ago and used by the CEOs of some of the most well-known companies in the world (see above), let's CEOs know what's really happening inside their organizations, in about one week.

Even if you have 100,000 employees spread across the world you can learn the issues, challenges, bottlenecks and problems (and their solutions) that are reducing growth, profitability, efficiency, innovation, morale and productivity in any department, region, division or subsidiary.

Something not working or feeling right inside your company? Use mPOWR to quickly deconstruct the  issue down to its specific root causes so corrective action is focused, faster and easier.

mPOWR's uniqueness lies in the fact that it is both diagnostic and prescriptive. It is extremely relevant, affordable, rapid and thorough and can be used with your employees, vendors, distributors and customers to provide a complete 4-dimensional view of what's really happening in your business. It can squeeze all the air, inefficiencies, problems, bottlenecks and waste from any area it is aimed at while creating innovative new methods, approaches and processes.

The result? Better and more informed executive decision making which leads to greater sales, growth, efficiency, productivity, morale and profitability with much less effort.

mPOWR is just like your annual physical with your physician, but for your organization. The goal is the same - so you can become aware of potential threats to your health before they turn into full blown diseases that are damaging, difficult and costly to reverse.

Since its invention in 1986, we've never met a CEO who was not shocked yet delighted at the valuable information and insights that mPOWR provided about their organization - making mPOWR's ROI virtually instantaneous.

That's why one client said  "mPOWR is a CEOs best friend - I can't be everywhere at once and it's my eyes and ears for issues that I normally would not see or hear about. It makes my job much easier and I sleep better at night knowing nothing will blindside me. ".

Curious to learn what's really happening in your organization that's not reaching your level? Test mPOWR for free.