mPOWR – Rapid Improvements In Sales, Productivity, Efficiency And Profitability

If you're a fan of the hit television show Undercover Boss where CEOs disguise themselves as new employees and then work alongside regular employees to learn what's really happening inside their company, you're going to love mPOWR.

These CEOs are often shocked to finally learn the critical information that is not reaching their level. And, while Undercover Boss has been on TV approximately 10 years, we invented mPOWR over 30 years ago and it still stands in a class all by itself for thoroughness, effectiveness and speed.

As an organization grows, it becomes less nimble, communication becomes more difficult and slower, politics and in-fighting may become more severe, there are more "fires" to put out, sales may decrease, costs may rise and innovation and customer satisfaction may suffer.

These things are all just symptoms of many underlying problems and root causes.  And, the biggest problem of all is, the critical information about what's really happening typically does not make it up to the C-level as everyone tries to protect their job.  After all, who really enjoys being the bearer of bad news?

Worse yet, as time goes on, these issues become worse and worse, like an advancing disease.

mPOWR solves all this quickly and safely while delivering accurate information to the levels where it's needed most.

Even if you have 10,000 employees or more you can learn, in just one week or less, the root cause issues and solutions throughout every corner of your organization - in any department, division, regional office or location anywhere in the world.

mPOWR is like giving every area of your company a "full body scan" where problems, issues and bottlenecks can be identified and resolved in advance - before they cost you significant sales, market share, productivity and profitability.

The result?  Sanity, sales, productivity, morale, innovation, customer satisfaction and profitability can be quickly restored with the least effort and cost.

mPOWR is available through both a project basis or annual license basis and can be administered once, quarterly or annually by us or your own Human Resources Department.