mPOWR – Identifies and eliminates roadblocks to optimal sales, profitability and                                              productivity in about one week with no disruption to daily operations

You'll be in great company after using mPOWR...IBM, Black & Decker, Minolta, Schering Plough, Lenox, Spencer Gifts, Congoleum and others...

mPOWR is like a full body scan - but for your organization.

If you're a fan of the hit television show Undercover Boss, you know the CEOs are often shocked about what's happening inside their own companies.

mPOWR, invented by us over 30 years ago and used by the CEOs of some of the most well-known companies - is a CEOs best friend.

mPOWR Helps CEOs And Management Be More Successful More Easily

Are you 100% happy with the performance of every area within your company? Do you sense that something isn't working properly in a department, division, region, store, franchise location or subsidiary, but you're not sure of exactly how to obtain the answers you need?

CEOs use mPOWR for the following reasons:

  • To identify - in about one week - all the bottlenecks, challenges, root causes and obstacles in any area of your organization - and how to fix them. Success is as simple as applying mPOWR to the area you wish to improve.
  • To complement an executives own eyes and ears and bring vital information to their attention because they can't be expected to be everywhere at once
  • To prevent all levels of management from being blind-sided by small issues that could become huge issues
  • To allow for better, more informed management decision making on corporate, operational, due-diligence and M&A decisions
  • To provide specific, actionable and immediate steps for improvement
  • To identify which core competency improvements are needed, and where
  • To build trust, loyalty, morale and teamwork among employees, co-workers, management, customers and distributors
  • To identify if a restructuring would be beneficial and if yes, to provide a virtually guaranteed blueprint for success
  • To provide more confidence and peace to CEOs because they know, with certainty, that they are aware of, and focusing on, the most critical and relevant issues to improve their business
  • To make planning and determining objectives much easier for each department.

Whether you use mPOWR with your employees, customers, vendors or distributors, it will quickly deconstruct issues, problems and challenges down to their specific root causes so corrective action can be lightning-fast and laser-focused.

mPOWR is just like your annual physical with your physician, but for your organization. The goal is the same - so you can learn of and resolve potential threats before they damage you.

Since our invention of mPOWR in 1986, we've never met a CEO who was not shocked (yet delighted) at the valuable information and insights that mPOWR provided about their organization. You will see why if you take our free test.

mPOWR can be implemented on a project basis or recurring annual basis, depending on your needs. Every organization can highly benefit from mPOWR.

Curious to learn what's really happening in your organization that is reducing results and effectiveness? Please contact us to test mPOWR for free.

Business Problem + mPOWR = Solution