Marketing Oz - Powerful Lead Generation

Marketing Oz represents a variety of services we've created over the years that are proven to get you in the door faster and easier, generate interest more quickly, close more sales more quickly.


Outbound Call:  Perhaps your business makes outbound telephone calls in order to generate leads and appointments.

In this Manual portion of Marketing Oz, our Founder teaches you how he has gotten into approximately 90% of his clients (all Fortune 1000 companies) over the past 34 years.  It is a simple, non-threatening telephone call that anyone can make to start the conversation that will lead to a meeting.  It's highly proven whether you leave voicemail or reach the prospect on your first try.  Works whether you sell B2B or B2C.

Outbound Letter Or Email:  Over 30 years ago and far before email existed, we created a letter designed to prospects to call us and arrange an appointment.  It worked wonderfully and still does today for gaining access to any organizational level via letter or email.


This is ideal for providing do-it-yourself, extremely high ROI, low cost digital and non-digital automatic lead generation for startups to small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies in virtually any industry.

Marketing Oz creates a powerful, multi-channel lead generation tapestry that contains up to 10 different low-cost approaches that can be used individually or in combination to create all the sales leads you need on auto-pilot.  Best of all, you can generate an enormous amount of sales leads at a cost lower than virtually any other method - and certainly less than what traditional advertising or PR firms charge.

Marketing Oz has increased traffic on established websites by 600%.  It has generated thousands of targeted clicks for as low as 1-2 cents!  It also automatically qualifies your prospects.  It allows you to reach 5 million people for virtually free!  And, so much more.

The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Often times at industry functions or conferences, networking events, social events, telephone prospecting or that chance encounter with a prospect, you need the perfect "elevator pitch" - a concise, brief and persuasive "one-liner" that grabs the prospect's attention and makes them want to hear more.

Through our knowledge and use of deep Behavior Patterns, we've developed a winning formula that any salesperson or company can use to quickly generate the perfect pitch. Added to the other lead generation services on this page, you will create a magnetic attraction to your products or services with a minimal amount of cost or effort.

If you're looking to close more of the highly qualified leads generated by Marketing Oz, consider adding Behavior Pattern Selling to your current sales approach.