Gordon Filepas is Founder and CEO of TGM Partners LLC. He has over 34 years of hands-on experience working directly with C-Suite executives, senior management, Boards of Directors and investment partners of over 60 Fortune 1000 companies.

In 1986 Gordon invented TGM's flagship product - the mPOWR sales and profitability enhancement program that quickly identifies precisely what's not working inside any area of a company and details how to correct it in the fastest and most cost-effective manner. mPOWR has transformed virtually every area of client companies where it is applied - from sales, marketing, customer service, innovation, market research, customer service, manufacturing, etc.  If you're not 100% happy with the performance of an area of your company, mPOWR can correct the problem in record time.

He is also the creator of Smart Sales Academy sales and closer training (previously called Achieving Quote With Ease) that has allowed him to achieve an unheard of 75% plus close rate over 33 years - compared to the 20% average close rate across America.  Gordon shows clients how to make some adjustments to any selling approach they currently use to increase sales up to 4x and close sales up to 83% faster.

Gordon is an expert in human decision making processes and spent years assisting the top advertising agencies in the world and their Fortune 1000 clients in creating extremely persuasive and effective advertising, rebranding, repositioning and launch campaigns. All of his knowledge about these subjects is incorporated into TGM's services.

He's also helped a few start-ups and existing companies in varying industries grow sales by 25x, 45x and even 120x by quickly acquiring many Fortune 500 companies as clients, by displacing incumbent multinational competitors and by strategically reinventing or revising their business models.  To achieve these results, he used the same tools and techniques that he now offers to clients of TGM Partners.

Gordon enjoys boiling complex problems into simple solutions and helping companies and individuals solve their problems in the easiest and most common-sense manner.