How We Help

TGM Partners LLC is a results-driven boutique sales and profit acceleration firm that helps startups to Fortune 1000 companies quickly improve sales, profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our 35+ years of experience helping improve and turnaround over 60 Fortune 1000 companies and numerous successful startups virtually guarantees you an affordable and favorable outcome to your challenges.

Our proven tools and paint-by-the-numbers sales, marketing, positioning and profit formulas have helped companies in over different 25 different industries solve their sales, marketing and business problems quickly and concisely. Our expertise ranges from helping to turnaround billion dollar multi-national corporations to helping startups create the ideal positioning, sales and marketing processes to maximize new client acquisition.

For example, one of our sales training and process methods is likely the most effective and advanced on the market today. We can instantly identify problems in your sales process and selling methods and correct them for higher close rates and shorter sales cycles. Our work can be turnkey and project-based or recurring, and in certain cases we will serve as your outsourced Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), CEO or COO.

Our vast network and portfolio of success, experience, tools, contacts and resources helps to ensure that you are receiving the best value, advice and solutions for your particular business issues.

Companies use us instead of the "big name" consulting firms because of our vast experience, commonsense and low-risk approaches, reduced costs and faster delivery.