Health And Wellness Coaching (Smart Health University)

TGM Partners provides world-class health and wellness advice that is based on our Founder's 5,000+ hours of health and wellness research over the past 20+ years. That's equivalent to the classroom time of over 10 years of college.

Few people in the world today, even physicians, have the practical root understanding of natural health and wellness that Gordon does.

Though his years of study, Gordon learned that there is only one biologically correct way for a human/mammal to become effortlessly lean, healthy and long-lived. Just one, and still, no one out there is teaching the whole, correct story. That's why Americans continue to get fatter and sicker each year in every published study, despite the fact that there is so much more health information and technology available.

As Gordon says in his talks "Everyone is conveying the wrong information many times, rather than conveying the correct information once."

Some of his early findings up to 2012 can be found in Gordon's book Lean And Healthy To 100, a best seller with a 5 star rating on Amazon.

However, TGM's world-class health and wellness program, called Smart Health University, goes far beyond the basics and generalities outlined in Lean And Healthy To 100 and contains Gordon's specific, up-to-the-minute research and can be taught to CEO's, executive teams or all employees in an organization.

Smart Health University is different from other wellness programs in that it solves the root cause of issues extremely simply and naturally without the need for strict diets, deprivation, exercise programs or bizarre rituals or regimens.

Just some of the benefits participants should receive from following the simple lifestyle modifications Smart Health University recommends include:

  • weight loss without trying
  • an overall feeling of joy, wellness and vitality and reduction in stress
  • greater mental, emotional and psychological balance
  • increased energy and stamina
  • greatly reduced hunger, cravings and a reduced desire for junk foods
  • increased metabolism and immune functioning
  • a reduction or elimination of aches and pains
  • a reduction or elimination of headaches
  • a reduction in aging
  • elimination of constipation
  • a more balanced demeanor and personality
  • clearer and more focused thinking and concentration
  • more restful sleep
  • reduced blood pressure
  • an improvement or elimination of most, if not all, health conditions or ailments including the "big 3" - cardiovascular disease, strokes and cancer.
  • and ultimately, overall improved health and wellness and reduced insurance premiums.

This may sound unbelievable to you, but it's not.  The correct information does indeed exist and Gordon will teach it to you. Everything he teaches can be validated, as its all been out there since the 1930's.  However, it's often hard to find and no one has ever pulled it all together into a single program and connected all the dots so that it's easy-to-understand and apply for anyone of any age.

This should have been the program you were taught first and you should never need any other program, ever again.  All your issues (and those of your children, parents and other loved ones) can be naturally healed from the "inside out" at the root-cause level without "external" activities like exercise, dieting or calorie restriction, calorie counting, portion control, deprivation or worrying about high protein or low carb or low fat diets.

It's so, so, so much easier and clearer than we all have been led to believe. Your preferred style of eating, from vegan to carnivore to hybrid, also does not need to be changed.  Simply eat the regular foods you enjoy.