Behavior Pattern Selling™

Just add this newly-released intelligence to how you currently sell to acquire up to 4x more customers up to 83% faster - beginning in just days. 

It's the 21st century. Are you still relying on 60 year old sales techniques?

Most companies today - whether they are a startup, small, medium or large company - use some combination of these selling approaches:  value selling, collaborative or consultative selling, challenger selling, solutions selling or the myriad of others that have their roots in 60+ year old approaches. These "traditional" approaches have created an average close rate of 20% in America - closing 2 out of every 10 proposals.

However, it's now possible to "turbo charge" any selling approach by adding to it the deeper level of strategic intelligence that science-based Behavior Pattern Selling provides. This intelligence allows you to transform your close rate from an average of 20% up to nearly 80% and close sales up to 83% faster - with no additional work. Hundreds of complex sales over 34 years at these Fortune 1000 companies from middle management to C-level prove its reliability and speed.

Developed over 34 years for our own use and now available to the public for the first time, we've identified over 38 deep, subconscious behavior patterns that comprise the underlying supportive foundation and drivers of trust, authority, persuasion and rapport when humans are faced with a potential buying decision. According to neuro-scientists, behavior patterns predict, with an amazing 90% reliability, a prospect's behavior and thoughts at every step of the sales process. You therefore "read" and "match" the prospect perfectly after our Behavior Pattern Selling training and know exactly what to do at every step - from "hello" to close - to win more sales more quickly while creating happier clients with better outcomes.  It works for both B2B and B2C selling situations.

For those of you who are more "technical", this line-by-line comparison details the advantages Behavior Pattern Selling provides over today's traditional selling approaches. Click image to enlarge.

David Doubled Sales And Income In Less Than 4 Months:

Even though I've been through numerous selling skills trainings and have been selling for over 16 years several things happened after learning Behavior Pattern Selling. First, my sales doubled and my income doubled to over $130,000 in less than 4 months. Second, I achieved a 60% increase in my voice mail callbacks. Third, my work hours actually decreased by up to 50%. And, my new earnings covered the investment for the training in just a few day. I could not recommend this approach more as it has transformed my life.

                                                >>David Morhead, Financial Sales

  • Faster, easier client acquisition
  • Reduce sales cycles by up to 83%
  • Quickly build confidence, trust, rapport, authority with your prospects
  • Differentiate from your competition by "how" you sell
  • Eliminate most sales objections and increase voicemail and email responses