Behavior Pattern Selling™

A revolutionary new enhancement to selling that, when added to your current selling approach, can allow you acquire up to 4x more customers up to 83% faster

Close Up To 8 Of 10 Proposals Rather Than The National Average Of 2 Of 10

The average close rate across America is 20%, which means on average two of every ten proposals closes. Virtually every company and salesperson today uses some combination of older "traditional" selling techniques like consultative selling, value selling, challenger selling, solutions selling or others to generate that 20% average close rate.

However, it's now possible to turbo-charge any "traditional" selling approach you currently use by adding revolutionary Behavior Patter Selling to it.  This enhancement allows you to transform your close rate from an average of 20% up to our close rate of nearly 80% and close sales up to 83% faster - with no additional work. Hundreds of difficult, complex sales over 35 years at these Fortune 1000 companies from middle management to C-level prove its effectiveness.

We are now sharing our revolutionary discovery with companies who wish to increase sales in an easier way.  It works for both B2B and B2C selling situations and no consultant, trainer or sales training company today possesses our copyrighted and proprietary methodology.

Just imagine, in less than a single day of training you can...

  • Increase close rates up to 4x
  • Increase callbacks from cold voice mail messages up to 60%
  • Close sales up to 83% faster
  • Turn brand new reps into master closers in just months
  • Allow reps to "get in the door" much easier
  • Skyrocket sales rep efficiency and ROI
  • Remove rep fear from having executive level discussions
  • Increase the problem-solving ability of your reps
  • Create happier, more trusting client relationships and better outcomes.

Sound too good to be true?  It's not.  Behavior Pattern Selling is based on science, not hope.  Fill out the form on this page for a free demo.