Behavior Pattern Selling - A Game-Changer In Selling And Closing Effectiveness

Non-traditional Behavior Pattern Selling helps salespeople, coaches, consultants and financial advisers increase close rates, sales and income up to 4x in record time using predictable science, not hope.

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It's the 21st century. Why are you still using 60 year old sales techniques?

Top executives know the most important business skill needed today is the ability to sell. However, traditional selling methods like Consultative, Value, Solutions, Challenger and the myriad of others over the past 60 years have created low trust, low close rates of just 15%-20% and 75% of proposals in the pipeline don't close! Why? Because they're outdated. Revolutionary Behavior Pattern Selling is fresh, new and a proven 21st century selling approach that solves these problems.

Behavior Pattern Selling is non-traditional and goes much deeper than other methods into the precise, root psychological drivers of why prospects do what they do and how they behave and decide when buying. The free video explains, in detail, other key differences that help to propel close rates up to 75% or more.

Line by line comparison of Tradition Selling vs. Behavior Pattern Selling. This is why no sales training or selling approach today can increase your close rate, sales and income more than Behavior Pattern Selling can. Click image to enlarge.

David Doubled Sales And Income In Less Than 4 Months:

I've been selling for 16 years and have completed numerous popular sales training courses, including the internal sales training my company provided. After learning TGM's Behavior Pattern Selling approach, two things happened:

1) In less than two weeks I received a 60% increase in callbacks because of the voicemail message I was taught to leave for prospects

2) My sales doubled and my income doubled to $130,000 in less than four months.  Since then, my company had a big drought of leads from our lead generation vendor but my income remained high because I was closing so many more leads than my colleagues.

                                                >>David Morehead, Financial Sales

  • Increase close rate, sales and income in record time
  • Reduce sales cycles so you sell more faster
  • Quickly build confidence, trust, rapport, authority - even with senior executives
  • Differentiate from your competition by how you sell
  • Eliminate most sales objections and increase voicemail and email responses