Behavior Pattern Selling™

New, non-traditional Behavior Pattern Selling helps salespeople, coaches, consultants and financial advisers increase close rates, sales and income up to 4x using predictable science, not hope.

It's the 21st century. Why are you still using 60 year old sales techniques?

New, science-based Behavior Pattern Selling can increase your close rate, sales and income up to 4x without additional effort regardless of what you sell or how you sell today.  It does not matter whether you sell B2B or B2C or even if you sell complex enterprise deals. It also does not matter which selling approach you currently use (value, solutions, collaborative, etc.)

Over the past 34 years, we've identified a set of deep, subconscious behavior patterns that are the underlying supportive foundation and drivers of trust, authority, persuasiveness and rapport.  Our Behavior Patterns provide the path through the selling maze that can predict, with 90% reliability according to scientists, a prospect's behavior at every step of the sales process.  You win more and prospects receive better outcomes with less effort.

Enhance your current selling approach with this new knowledge or use our simple selling system to propel close rates and sales up to 4x. Watch the free video.

Line by line comparison of Tradition Selling vs. Behavior Pattern Selling. This is why no sales training or selling approach today can increase your close rate, sales and income more than Behavior Pattern Selling can. Click image to enlarge.

David Doubled Sales And Income In Less Than 4 Months:

Even though I've been through numerous selling skills trainings and have been selling for over 16 years several things happened after learning Behavior Pattern Selling. First, my sales doubled and my income doubled to over $130,000 in less than 4 months. Second, I achieved a 60% increase in my voice mail callbacks. Third, my work hours actually decreased by up to 50%. And, my new earnings covered the investment for the training in just a few day. I could not recommend this approach more as it has transformed my life.

                                                >>David Morhead, Financial Sales

  • Increase close rate, sales and income in record time
  • Reduce sales cycles so you sell more faster
  • Quickly build confidence, trust, rapport, authority - even with senior executives
  • Differentiate from your competition by how you sell
  • Eliminate most sales objections and increase voicemail and email responses