Behavior Pattern Selling™

A revolutionary new enhancement to sales effectiveness that allows you to acquire up to 4x more customers up to 83% faster. Prove it to yourself for free*.

Is it possible to close up to 8 of 10 proposals, rather than the national average of 2 of 10?  Yes, but no need to take our word for it. We allow your decision maker to go through the entire program for free to prove it to themselves.

The average close rate across America is 20%, which means on average two of every ten proposals closes. That 20% close rate has been created over the past 60 years by "traditional" sales approaches like Consultative Selling, Value Selling, Solutions Selling, Challenger Selling, Insight Selling, Product Selling and a myriad of others.  But to improve from a 20% to a 75% or more close rate in today's world, you need new skills these programs don't cover.

According to large 2016 study by Sales Benchmark Index (SBI):

  • Sales productivity is the CEO's #1 concern at America's top companies
  • 82% of CEOs said their sales process is broken
  • 74% of executives do not understand buyer behavior or psychology today
  • Over 50% of sales reps fall far short of quota.

If you're open to a better way to sell today, Behavior Pattern Selling can show you how to make some simple adjustments to your current sales process that can solve all these problems in a way that can transform your close rate from an average of 20% up to 80% or more - while closing sales up to 83% faster - with no additional work.

Our Founder's close rate over 35 years selling B2B is over 75%, achieved by closing hundreds of difficult, complex sales at these Fortune 1000 companies, from middle management to C-level. This program teaches you exactly what he does from "hello to close" - and ironically - it's most likely much less than your reps do now. Selling is not about doing "a lot".  It's about doing the correct things at the correct time.

Behavior Pattern Selling is based on highly proven behavioral neuroscience that experts say has a 90% rate of predictable success. It does not matter whether you have 5 or 50,000 sales reps - every sales rep can increase sales faster and more easily using Behavior Pattern Selling - even if you think you've already tried everything else. Simply show or tell us about your current selling process and we'll be able to quickly let you know what Behavior Pattern Selling could do for you.

Behavior Pattern Selling can be taught live at your company or location of choice. Or, it can be customized and placed online for rep access and reinforcement 24/7/365.

Behavior Pattern Selling may be the most important breakthrough in sales effectiveness training since the 1960's, and you can learn why for free*.  Industry exclusives are also available.

*For qualified prospects