Products From The Book

In the Appendix of Lean And Healthy To 100 it indicates to visit and look for "Products" to view a list of products that Gordon and his family have used as of the book's release in early 2012. Those websites now forward to this page on Gordon's business website and below is that list.

Follow the simple eating guidelines and steps in the book and choose whichever below product(s) you believe is appropriate for you based on what you learned in his book.

Colon cleanse product:  Google "Aim International Herbal Fiberblend". Can be purchased from whichever vendor you choose. Or you can substitute these here.

Green barley powder:  Google "Aim International Barley Life". Can be purchased from whichever vendor you choose.

Liquid supplement:  Google "Youngevity Ultimate Classic". Can be purchased from whichever vendor you choose or you can substitute these here.

75 plant based minerals:  click here for lowest price at the proper concentration. If you sign up for monthly auto-shipping I believe the manufacturer lowers the price to under $20.

3-6-9 essential fatty acids:   click here for the lowest price.

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